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About Michael J. Meyer, Attorney at Law

In today’s legal environment, obtaining justice in the legal system is not easy. If you are facing a legal problem, you may be confused and overwhelmed by how you should move forward. You don’t want to make a mistake, but you are unsure of how to choose an attorney.

More Than Four Decades Of Legal Experience

For more than 30 years, I have practiced law in Illinois. I’m attorney Michael J. Meyer, and I work to successfully obtain justice and win fair compensation for my clients who have personal injuries, are facing criminal charges, are dealing with family law issues or have been injured on the job and need to file workers’ compensation claims.

Through my experience, knowledge of the law and ability to make compelling and persuasive presentations of the evidence, I can fight effectively for you. Learn more about my background here:

A Deep Understanding Of Illinois Law And Courts

For most people, legal issues present two problems. First, the law, including statutes and regulations, can be difficult to understand. Second, to be successful, you need to understand both the law and the procedural process, whether in the courts or with matters like workers’ compensation.

Courts are governed by the rules of civil procedure. These rules are complex, and mistakes with these rules can cost you your case. This is why an experienced trial attorney can be invaluable when you need to deal with a legal problem. I have handled hundreds of trials and am very comfortable working in the courtroom.

Knowing The Courts And The Community

In addition, those hundreds of cases mean I also know the judges, prosecutors and other attorneys in this area. I know their habits and preferences, the types of arguments they like as well as the ones that are less likely to succeed.

This allows me to tailor your representation in a way that helps create the greatest chance of success for your specific facts and circumstances. This can be critical in obtaining the results that you desire.

Helping With A Wide Range Of Areas

Even seemingly straightforward accident cases, criminal charges or family law disputes can become complex with conflicting evidence and witness accounts.

I understand the implications of serious medical conditions and know how accidents occur. I have a wide network of medical and engineering professionals on whom I can call to reinforce my presentation of the evidence when needed. I have developed a strong reputation and am respected by my peers.

Call For A Free Initial Consultation

I take personal injury, medical malpractice and workers’ compensation cases on a contingency basis. You owe a fee only if a recovery is made. For a free initial consultation with me at my firm, Michael J. Meyer, Attorney at Law, call my Effingham office at 217-347-0791 or use my online contact form.